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At Brisbane Holiday Village, our extensive range of modern facilities and amenities is beyond comparison with other camping and caravan parks in Queensland.

Designed especially for children, the kids’ splash pool is shallow throughout with four large mushroom fountains, a water spurting crocodile and two spurting serpents!

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Primary Disinfection: Ozone1’s Hydroguard 302 Blue I DPD1 & DPD3 smart controller was utilised to ensure consistent levels of Primary Sanitation (Free Chlorine & pH). Secondary Disinfection: Ozone1’s Proprietary System Calculation was utilised for the CO2 along with our unique Advanced Oxidation Process, Ozone + UV (AOP) as a secondary disinfection system, which was designed and built especially to combat Sue Howlett’s combined chlorine and in particular her Monochloramine issues.

The Hydroguard Blue I controllers use a colorimetric DPD method to determine the Free Chlorine & Total Chlorine measurements as opposed to relying on traditional ORP or Free Chlorine sensors. As a result, the outcome is extremely consistent sanitation (Chlorine & pH) levels. The ‘Blue I‘ conducts a DPD1 & DPD3 test every ten minutes, and each and every test can be uploaded via our “Remote Monitoring” to the Cloud and is stored for 2 years, which serves as valuable evidence to satisfy a possible complaint. The remote monitoring also allows access to view their water quality at all times and if set points aren’t met, alerts are sent to the appropriate personnel via text message or email.

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