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JUMP Swim Schools – Warragul

Our combined chlorine was creeping up to 2.5-3ppm consistently after just 2 months of operation due to the large student numbers that started lessons from day 1 of opening our swim school.  Whilst there are numerous companies that can provide UV or Ozone, none of these compare to Brauer Industries in relation to the level of service, professionalism, product, speed of installation and can do attitude.  Brauer recognised that our site was urgent and took immediate steps to help us rectify our combined chlorine issues whilst providing service that was second to none.
I am pleased to say that our combined chlorine started to come down immediately and after only a week were around 1-1.2ppm…. today, 6 weeks on, our combined chlorine is consistently between 0.3ppm and 0.5ppm with the odd 0.1ppm reading which thrills us every day!
Thanks Brauer Industries and Healthy Swim, 10/10 stars, we’ll be sure to recommend you at every opportunity!
Caroline Hatcher | Franchise Owner

JUMP! Swim Schools Warragul

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