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Sue Howlett Swim School is an indoor purpose built swim school consisting of two pools in Loganholme, south of Brisbane. Sue Howlett Swim School averages up to 1200 bathers per week and is one of the preferred swim schools in the area due to the unique instructional technique that Sue has implemented. With her growing customer base, Sue’s traditional sanitation system was no longer suitable and struggled to keep up with demand. As a result, Sue wanted to improve the condition of her water therefore decided to call Ozone1 and invest in a system that she was confident would give her the best water quality possible and ensure the health and wellbeing of her staff and patrons alike.

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Primary Disinfection: Ozone1’s Hydroguard 302 Blue I DPD1 & DPD3 smart controller was utilised to ensure consistent levels of Primary Sanitation (Free Chlorine & pH).

Secondary Disinfection: Ozone1’s Proprietary System Calculation was utilised for the CO2 along with our unique Advanced Oxidation Process, Ozone + UV (AOP) as a secondary disinfection system, which was designed and built especially to combat Sue Howlett’s combined chlorine and in particular her Monochloramine issues.

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