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Hospital Hydrotherapy- Pregnancy, pain and anxiety


Hydrotherapy is a very popular form of exercise for the mature population as well as for rehabilitation of patients experiencing a wide range of injuries as well as those who find land-based exercise too intensive for their body or even for women during pregnancy.


The research is endless for the benefits of water-based physiotherapy!


In this current COVID-19 pandemic, we are all experiencing varying levels of anxiety and searching for ways of best managing it. Can Hydrotherapy play a role?


Woman all over the world that are pregnant and expecting a newborn baby are experiencing the affects of isolation and general uncertainty. Research has shown that hydrotherapy can promote relaxation and decrease parturient anxiety and pain in labor. In fact, research showed that not only anxiety decreased but as did vasopressin (V) and oxytocin (O) levels at the 15-minute and 45-minute time period of immersion in the water.


Pregnant women in their third trimester participating in WATSU (Water Shiatsu), which encompasses passive stretches and massage techniques administered in 35oC warm water, also found a reduction in personal stress, fatigue and pain, improving their quality of life and mood.

Hydrotherapy is often used as a safe, nonpharmacological alternative method to assist women during pregnancy and labor.


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Written by: John Morrison BSc.



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