Upcoming HealthySwim Course

9th August 2022 - Via Zoom Only
Start 9am QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT - 8:30am SA, NT – 7am WA

OUR Guarantee

We believe everyone should have the right to swim in water that is safe. Unfortunately many swimming pools around our country are still operating with levels outside the legal limits set by The Australian Health Department.

Our aim is to provide you, the general public, with an easy way to choose a swimming pool with guaranteed safe water quality in your area. In fact, the ‘healthyswim’ accredited swimming pools on our list have water quality twice as healthy as the governments legal requirements.

We monitor the water quality of all the ‘healthyswim’ accredited swimming pools on our list. If any of the swimming pools water quality is not within our healthyswim water quality levels, they are removed from the list. This is how we can guarantee to you that the swimming pool you choose from our list has the best water quality you will find.


Ross GageCEO of the Australian Swim Schools Association

Healthy water plays a critical role in a positive learn to swim experience.  And parents, understandably so, are increasing seeking higher standards in water quality.  ASSA applauds this contribution to ‘raising the bar’ across the Industry and community.  From its long association with Ozone Swim, we know they are experts in the field and committed to helping advance the teaching of swimming and water safety.


Ross Gage

Laurie LawrenceAustralian Olympic swimming team coach

“I always thought that I had good swimming pool water and maybe to a point I did. What I have now though is excellent swimming pool water.”


Laurie Lawrence

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