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Hello and welcome to HealthySwim, an educational website dedicated to community health and water quality. Whether you’re a parent wanting to enrol your child in swimming lessons, a family looking for a healthy place to visit and cool off, someone who likes swimming at the local pool to keep fit or an owner/operator of a commercial swimming pool, you’ve come to the right place for information.

The team behind HealthySwim are passionate experts in water quality and believe that everyone has the right to swim in safe, healthy water. We trust our local facilities with our health however unfortunately many commercial swimming pools around the country do not consistently meet the water quality standards set by the Australian Health Department and we want to help!

Our aim with the HealthySwim website is to assist the general public in locating the healthiest pool in their area as well as assist swimming pool owners/operators to ‘get accredited’ and not just meet, but beat applicable health standards. Concerned members of the public can also anonymously nominate a swimming pool whose water quality they felt was poor. We will not name them on our website, we will simply contact them to ask how we can assist them to achieve the HealthySwim accreditation and improve their water quality for your health and enjoyment.

Improving community health and safety is our aim therefore we will happily promote swimming pools that have taken the initiative of installing adequate secondary sanitation regardless of whose system they are operating. To achieve HealthySwim accreditation and join the list of elite facilities on our website, continual water quality evidence must be provided. If you see the HealthySwim accreditation sign at your local swimming pool, you know your health is in great hands!

Keep an eye out for the HealthySwim accreditation sign at your local swimming pool.

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